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I'm theresnoname, I'm from Indonesia, I was born on 16th January 2004. I'm that anonymous Indonesian user back when this wiki is still on FANDOM.


  1. Oggy and the Cockroaches
  2. Smash Bros. Lawl
  3. Tom and Jerry
  4. Angry German Kid
  5. BoBoiBoy
  6. Upin & Ipin
  7. Angry Kid


  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, ever seen the episode "Call of Cutie" and Equestria Girls movie back in 2013(?), but no memories on it. Note: I'm not a Brony.
  2. Dora The Explorer, ever watched it since small, too bad it has an extremely toxic hatedom.


  1. Hate art and it's artist
  2. Baby Show Haters, because their atrocities like making hate arts.
  3. Angry Birds, started hating it after the discovery of Angry German Kid back in 2015.

History on Atrocious Deviants Wiki

On Toxic Fandom & Hatedoms Wiki, on DeviantArt Fandom Page, someone makes a new reception wiki called Atrocious Deviants Wiki. when I come to that wiki, I see the wiki is on slow growth, on October 2018, I edited the Marcos Power Page, referring the bad things he done according to the anti stamp of Marcos. 1 Month later, after seeing hate arts and anti groups out of Dora the Explorer, Caillou, etc; I made a comment on The TBA Pages, few days later, I added my first contribution page, citytoon, yes, that deviant who is known for making so many hate arts. I kept making pages until it's closure day on 21st November 2018. few days later, I rebuild that wiki on 27th November 2018, approved on next day. around 8th December 2018, I revealed this reception wiki to the Rotten Websites Wiki, at the both discussion and the page of "List of atrocious deviants". This wiki now open as of December 2018.

Facts about me

  1. I was used to hates baby shows (including Upin & Ipin), because of Brendan Barney, but after seeing this page on Toxic Fandom & Hatedom Wiki, I realized that I was brainswashed by those baby show haters, so, I started to Hates Baby show haters (the toxic one, not the healthy one).
  2. My favorite sport is bowling.