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Custom information
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I was an MMD artist, but cringy. I quit DeviantArt cuz of guilt.

Personal information
September 16th, 2000
As an admin of Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, duh! Also, I'm a YouTuber, again.
Places I have lived
In a utopian community with lots of lakes, but it's not the same as a forest that I used to lived. *sigh*
Graduated Unemployed Basement Dweller
About me
A former YouTuber known as Mar9122. Also, a treasonous FANDOM user known as Mar8122; a former admin of the original Atrocious YouTubers Wiki and Bad YouTubers Wiki, and now globally blocked, forever, for abusive behavior, ban evasion, and now Terms of Use violations. And here I am, a retired admin of Atrocious Deviants Wiki due to my laziness and quitting DeviantArt..