The "Skinny Rose" incident

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The "Skinny Rose incident" (Better known as the Zamii incident or the Zamii070 Harassment Controversy) refers to a 2015 incident of online harassment targeted towards the Tumblr user, Zamii070. The situation went too far to the point where Zamii had attempted to commit suicide. After that, the crew behind Steven Universe had to step in and remind people that their actions during the situation wasn't right.

The situation

In 2015, a Tumblr user, under the name of Zamii070; whom had posted a drawing they had made of Steven, Rose Quartz and Greg. All three are from the TV show, Steven Universe. The situation started after people noticed that Zamii had drawn Rose Quartz as skinny. The people who noticed didn't really understand the differences between canon and fanon so they misrepresented the image as "Hey, this is how Rose Quartz should be in the show". As a result of this, people went into full on rages, saying that they will kill zamii or they hope that she'll die. The situation escalated and worsened when other people had decided to draw Rose Quartz as a skinny character. The situation got to the point where Zamii had attempted to commit suicide. Many people (who were offended by the original drawing) accused zamii of attempting suicide just for the attention, neglecting the fact that their actions can hurt people. This situation later escalated to DeviantArt where some people supported Zamii and others claimed that Zamii's art was simply Freeodm of Expression. After that, the situation escalated to Twitter where the official crew members of Steven Universe had their say on the situation. Due to the situation spreading so quickly, it was later picked up by the Mainstream Media. As of 2019, the situation is over and Zamii is still making art on DeviantArt ad Tumblr.