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This page is a list for the upcoming deviants and other stuffs that are going have pages on this wiki.

NOTE: This is not a sandbox. Use your OWN sandbox to create the pages.

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Deviants that will be added

NOTE: Only Deviants who are extremely toxic and atrocious in this section such as the hate artists, art thieves, pedophiles, trolls, crossover shippers (only toxic and immature ones) and any deviants who committing crimes in reality. These don't include any random deviants who are just controversial to an innocent deviant in order to avoid any possible cause of drama.

Individual Deviants

  1. 03bgood/Blake Good - An unhealthy Enter fan and manchild, gain notoriety in Youtube and Deviantart. He also defends John Kricfalusi even though the animator's reputation has taken a plummet because it was publicly revealed that he molested a lot of underage girls.
  2. 04StartyCornOnline88 - A Manchild in his 30s who constantly rants about Kids Next Door for ruining his life. He also takes KND too seriously for simply being about the kids being a good guys while the adults and teenagers are being a bad guys. (Need to research before confirming)
  3. 0takeimika0 - A homophobe who creates hate art bashing gay pairings. They also love lesbian pairings/yuri and rants about how much better lesbians are than gay men. They are obsessed with bashing gay male pairings.
  4. 15willywonka - A pedophile who puts the face of Fievel Mousekewitz on adult human male's bodies in speedos, and the face of Bridget on naked adult women's bodies. It is also found that the pictures of these things contain links to pornographic websites.
  5. 2091riveraisreal/meowjar - A sex offender who hits on women and can't take rejection to save his life. He even compares it to "women crying rape".
  6. AceMoonThunder - an underage user who had a huge hatred for Lana Loud and stole someone's persona. He had gone multiple accounts after his main account got banned.
  7. AGUsucksTLGrocks - Rabid Lion Guard/King purist who hates another series just for the sake of liking something else, often writes "kill fics" and traces/recolors over official art. He also thinks that The Lion King remake was made in 2008 when it was actually made and released in 2019, not 2008. Although he doesn't want anyone writing rants about him.
  8. airindia - A 21-year-old "man" who's a massive fanboy of the mediocre animated wolf franchise: Alpha & Omega and also Sheeps and Wolves. He's such a massive fanboy that he made Claudette, who said to another user on DeviantArt is 13-14 in human years but she isn't a human. So according to him, it's fine to have an under-aged non-human "girlfriend". That's pedo territory and ironically he's against pedophilia. He's also now a dedicated white-knight of the infamous wwwarea because just like every other wolfaboo/Alpha and Omega fanboy he also hates Bobsheux and RavenFox and said that both and including their respective fanbases are "cyberbullies". He claims to be done with the whole Bobsheux/RavenFox drama but he keeps going to other websites like Facebook and Complain about them there. He's also makes really cringy Alpha and Omega/Sheep and Wolves vore art. Also, he likes to talk garbage about America, yet he's trying to move there.
  9. AldutheCat - Wrote a journal along with his friend Bacon-Boi against a user outside DeviantArt for making a fake petition almost a year ago, leading to her harassment and receiving death threats to the point where she considered suicide. Even after he and his white knights caused this, he feels no remorse for his actions and in fact, believes she deserves to die as well as the threats she received. [1] [2] [3]
  10. AliTheZombie13
  11. Amiibos - A pedophile who grooms children and tries to manipulate them into engaging in sexual acts, fantasizes and downloads/draws porn involving Craig and Tweek, two underage characters from the show, South Park. [4]
  12. Anacondrix/Amy Porter23/Jools - Art theft and money theft, misogyny, misandry, homophobia, racism, and just an extremely toxic person in general who went nuttier than squirrel when they got called out.
  13. Angry-Signs - A user who draws a lot of Vore art.
  14. animeartistyes - a user who steals base art from other users without permission.
  15. annathegurl - a female user who cyberbullied members of the LGBT community, and told them to kill themselves, just because she wanted to test the reporting system.
  16. anniemae04 - Is infamous for drawing disgusting art of Sonic pairings and underage characters.
  17. aquatoll - A troll/serial harrasser. Called someone a nonce (nonce = pedophile) for no reason.
  18. ArcticFlower00- originally the user RedandBalck until he locked himself out of his account and made his arcticflower account. He is a major pedo and while he denies being one he is constantly going on stamps that bash pedos constantly criticizing and arguing with those who speak against it. In his original account he has a favorite folder called Jollie fillets filled with disgusting images of naked girls and you might find one occasionally in the favorites of his newer account. He has also asked why child porn is bad and casually faves pictures of little girls who are dressed like princesses.
  19. ArmlessAutist - Troll.
  20. ArtieKnightYT - He threatens to hack other users, forces attention on other people whenever they don’t reply to him, he is also racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, and is also an extremely toxic person who is responsible for several other things he has done wrong.
  21. Arvin-S-Sweet-Guy - Don't let his name fool you, he is a toxic fetish artist and shipper.
  22. Arung98 - They’re well known for shipping an OC x Canon ship named Blade x Lilac.
  23. Ati-Meerkat/Atimon - While she is no longer on the site, she drew disturbing pornographic art of Timon and other Lion King characters and was a massive drama queen.
  24. Atothemother****ingS - Is insanely bigoted towards non-binary people as said in “Bullshit Gender” stamp. This user also claims that there are 4 sexualities and calls it a fact.
  25. AutistCultist889 - White knight of InspectorCringe. He is a newbie on DeviantArt but has already harassing and telling people who are being featured in InspectorCringe's videos to kill themselves as well as he threatened to kill them.
  26. Bad-Homunculus - An extremely toxic and abusive user known for relentlessly targeting and harassing his victims, stealing art and re-uploading it without permission, or taking images of other artists characters or photos of their faces or using bases and editing it to show his victims being killed in brutal ways. He even goes as far as to drive his victims into considering suicide which has happened with at least 3 people. He uses his disability as an excuse to do whatever he wants and get away with his atrocious behavior. He was banned back in 2016 for his behavior, but continues to return on alts and does the same thing all over again.
  27. BancyStudios1994 - AKA: BancyToons, Michael Igafo-Te'o. A Deviantart artist have a massive ego and obsession of Disney animation, wanting Inside Out to become a TV series by making a useless petition, attempting to scamming, making a petition about Chris Savino should be returned due to his “horrid mistake”, drawing Luan Loud being groped by his OC and think it’s funny. (He didn’t know that Luan is 14 years old). And worst of all, he have his white knight (his biological mom) attempting to defending him and became more toxic.
  28. batoS2 - a homophobe who whines about Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy being in yuri art.
  29. bbmbbf - This sicko draws cartoon porn, several of his art involving fictional characters who are underage.
  30. blackfang-325 - A user who made a lot of profane callout posts to several other users who apparently go on iFunny, sent a death threats to other users especially on Voidwalker-girl96 and SacrifinaDragonDemon as well as he has a Mary Sue OC who is too OP.[5]
  31. BloodRavens1
  32. BlueshineWolf - A comic artist known for her toxic behavior, poor treatment of her own fans and supporters, inability to accept criticism, and not finishing or even doing any of her paid commissions.
  33. brain3times3 - A user who is infamous for making fetish art of underage characters.
  34. BrainyxBat - She ships Shenzi with every character she sees.
  35. BrazilianFeralCat
  36. bubbles46853 - While he does have a good opinion on Peri from Fire Emblem Fates, he's still atrocious due to being obsessed with disgusting fetishes of various animated characters and being a supporter of TheHyenasSBE/AnthroArtCreations.
  37. BuddyBoy600
  38. Bunblitz21 - A pedophile apologist who gladly shames victims of pedophiles who rape, harass, and make unwanted advances towards minors. [6]
  39. TheCanadianArtist91/Michael Tanzer - A user who has a fat fetish and loves seeing kids get fattened up. He often posts journals with no cohesive argument then proceeds to delete them for no reason. In one case he commissioned an artist to make weight gain art and proceeded to refund the money from said artist and put him $600 in debt. The issue was resolved thankfully when his parents stepped in.
  40. CandyPeachFangirl21 - False leader of The-Daisyriots who claimed to be an innocent user who was hacked by PIGEON-POT-PIE at first. However, it appears that she is not being hacked by Pigeon and blamed her for attention according to Pigeon herself and some other users who has been harassed by Friendlymrguy.(Need more research before confirming)
  41. CC aka FuchsiaArts - A user who is known for catfishing against other innocent users.
  42. Charquero1 - A user who spamming the same images on Vabessa2006 and even worse he's trying to force Darkfairy1999 as his girlfriend on DeviantArt.
  43. CheerBearsFan - Crossover shipper, this time he does it with his own plush toys. Puts Sonic in a relationship with both Rainbow Dash and Fuli and made them kiss him.
  44. Chrisdewees10 - Steals official Anime art and uploads a lot of hentai pictures. Think that adding a filter makes it your art.
  45. Christian80s2nd a.k.a Crustin - A guy who has great hate and cyberbullying against Rainbow Kitty and his friends, and even once he himself made a false account of Rainbow Kitty cheating all his friends by completely since Rainbow Kitty had to send her computer to repair her. He is also an arch enemy of Yoshifan1219 as well.
  46. Ciel Clarkson - A user who pretends to be innocent, but is really a troll. Recolors and steals art. She also makes "M1ss" cliche accounts and impersonates innocent users. Is often confused with FriendlyMrGuy, SnivyShyLover, and/or RosesStella, but she is very different from these three.
  47. Ciel-icious - A user who scams a lot, they have many commissions that they have yet to finish. They’re 16 and decent pedophilia, they defend nazis and have been banned from CS groups (Chimerions, band-of-butts, pacapillars, bagbeans, darling-dainties, etc) and blocked by popular artists (Gatorsdog, Saltedpeep, Nebulanovia, kiitsvne, griffsnuff)for scamming in their groups and claiming “Germans never starved Jews” and defending pedophiles saying if the victim is 16+ and consents it’s okay for an adult to do sexual acts toward them. Traces users (Traced Saltedpeep/fitzyditzyy And kiitsvne) And stole ocs for revenge. Raped users irl (briesdragons on instagram, people from his school, galaxxy_bun on instagram, teakiwi on deviantart, etc) and has underage sexual characters such as his new oc he literally called “loli oc” he ban/block evades a lot as well.
  48. Claire-Cooper - Trace artist, base artist and crossover shipper.
  49. ClearwaterMK2 - He is “an angry, mentally unstable troll". Claims to hate Chris-Chan but he acts just like him. He also despises Fresh TV, Nintendo, and Thomas with a passion. He also has a creepy obsession with belly buttons.
  50. codygwen1 - Hates Total Drama, despite doing poorly made fan art of it. Is a BART-Toons white knight. Stole GuildZ’s art so he definitely counts as an art thief. Rabid CodyxGwen shipper.
  51. ColossalStinker - She draws fetish art, is very mean and doesn't care about how other users feel.
  52. TheCrappyMSPainter23 - Yet another person who takes works of fiction too seriously and once called for the deaths of the TTG writers.
  53. ctlftr - The way he draws Bluto from Popeye all muscular and buff is just all wrong.
  54. DaddyHitlr/DaddyHiltr/DaddyHitrl - A user and a member of The-Peachriots group who draw porn on other users OCs without their permission. And also there's rumors that he is either collaborating with Friendlymrguy, or is rumored to be one of his many alts, but he got banned afterwards which mistakenly for one of Friendlymrguy's alts.
  55. DALife32 - a tracer who has stolen many drawings, and makes accounts just to evade her ban.
  56. DanielGreenInklings - He insulted Animedeaf's human version of Kirby. He called Animedeaf "childish" on Discord. It's so terrible that DanielGreenInklings said that he's a bad guy!
  57. darktenor5 - A white knight of Tyler Bowie and UttaFilth who thinks that the drawing of ClaireAimee's OC tied up is cute for no reason.[7]
  58. DarkVader2016 - A Rabid DC Comics hater and a complete hypocrite towards to DC characters for calling them " False Gods " technically he's a leading fanboy of DCTV Universe/Arrowverse and yes he's also a MCU/Marvel Cinematic Universe Fanboy despite of it's films has many flaws.
  59. Darthmaul1999 - Draws Rule 34 and crossover art of Lion King and Lion Guard characters. Even defends Rule 34 art of them.
  60. deadstamps - They’re a rabid SJW who defends tucutes. They also attack Undyrus shippers, as well as people who don’t headcanon Frisk as non-binary.
  61. Devon13168 - A Deviant who ships Twilight Sparkle and Godzilla and blocks people who only asked why he ships them
  62. DiegLedezma - A guy who called CarchuRugama "troll" because he thinks she broke his heart, but that female user did not do anything wrong. He even has screenshots of the 20th Century Fox logo and many users commented on his profile that he deactivates his account.
  63. Disneycow82 - Another person who takes works of fiction, especially animation, too seriously. She also gets butthurt over people not liking Home on the Range and is sexually attracted to the characters.
  64. Disneyphilip - He is nothing more than a jerk who bullies people for saying negative things about Teen Titans Go or the Powerpuff Girls reboot, even if they are fans of the shows who are merely criticizing the shows' flaws rather than detractors of the shows. He attacked and sent death threats to ANYONE who disagrees with him, including PieGuyRulez and Rebeltaxi. He has also gone under the names of Diznyfan and CountryBearFan.
  65. DonDonP1 - Whiteknights Mollyhaleismyfriend. (Need to research before confirming)
  66. Donna245 - SJW white knight for NuggetTheBalloonGirl who also posts/references memes in comments. (Need to research before confirming)
  67. Dragonkick - A deviant who draws dragons and characters such as Yoshi and Birdo fat, pregnant or bloated. His art is very grotesque.
  68. DuskMindAbyss - Rabid Karel hater, according to this meme. Seems to have an unhealthy obsession with waifus and making tier lists.
  69. DylanCArt - Although he publishes good stories with characters that he likes, he announces in the profile of someone forcing him to read his stories in order to get attention to himself. Like Tora Black and Fox-Pixar2. He even repeated almost always the same image instead of having a different image with adult content.
  70. EarWaxKid - A creepy user who does edited pics of cartoon characters doing disgusting things like being covered in sperm and having periods with dA muro. He even did memes of characters reacting to gross real-life pictures. In fact, he even admitted once he was the "Ed Gein of DeviantArt".
  71. Eeveeplayz89
  72. EllentheApeGirl - She may be old news now, but man, she was atrocious.
  73. Ettinautism - A disgusting degenerate asexual pedophila apologist who wants to push propaganda to normalize, destigmatize and legalize paedophilia. She is active on her stupid blogspot. This atrocious deviant hasn't posted anything but favorite pro-paedophile propaganda and whiteknight paedophiles.
  74. Euriidice - A sexist deviant who thinks that religious people cant be LGBT.
  75. eyepet2010 - An art thief and splicer who stole artwork (and snippets thereof) from Felixthecatfan198,Ohthatsgross, and others. The guy even made points and money off of his plagiarized material. Additionally he supports Uttafilth.
  76. FaceLeOverlord1995 - A user who blurts out dumb hate messages that make no sense.
  77. Fartstuck - Fart fetishist who got Bandettos falsely banned as well as the deletion of the Poopy-Republic, a joke group that owned by Bandettos, InternetWaifu and DellGotTheMunchies.
  78. FluffyFerret97
  79. frisco4life - Another person who takes works of fiction, especially animation, too seriously. He also gets butthurt over people liking something he hates.
  80. FTFTheAdvanceToonist - He’s actually not that bad of an artist and some of his fanart is actually good, but on the other hand, he has a strange obsession with Felix the Cat and wants everyone in the world to know about Felix and disrespects opinions on those who don’t like Felix, he also sometimes makes pointless crossovers as well.
  81. GayProductionNew a.k.a HydroGraveAdvertiser - A new user who harasses and defamed TheScottishFox and Zulu-Exa with his SFM model and also he defamed Hydro211 during her death for no reason.[8]
  82. Godzilla2000jr - A art thief in his mid 20's. Claims existing characters from the Anime Cardfight Vanguard as his own Original character. Makes crappy underaged porn screenshots that are stolen with him and cries when they are reported. Claims that he and his friendgroup done nothing wrong.
  83. Gojimon452 - A dumb friend of Godzilla2000jr that is in his mid 30's. Edits official anime renders slightly and claims them as his own OC. For example he used characters from Hellsing for his own stupid stories. Has more characters like this claimed as his own art. Fake screenshots that are stolen, makes fake call-outs to warn his stupid friends and go crying when his underaged porn stash is removed. Everyone must know he's 'victim'.
  84. gallantmon8 - A pervert with a mermaid fetish. Got banned for doing a sexual roleplay with a minor.
  85. Gtjerwp(and/or his alts) - user that harasses Masonicon for his views of the world.
  86. Healthlover a.k.a AlfumeNowzaradan - A user who's one of wwwarea's newest dedicated white knight who's also a wolfaboo as well as a manchild(he's a massive fanboy of yet another medicore animated wolf movie named Sheep and Wolves). He's currently the most pathetic of the trio of the newest wwwarea's whiteknights(Helix60 and airindia) becuase he's the eldest olf the trio(he's 31 years old for Christ sake) he's a medical technician and has a goal of working in the United States as a Trauma Surgeon. He pretty much has a set goal but, he's wasting his time bitching about Bobsheux and RavenFox, just like every other Alpha and Omega/Sheep and Wolves fantards/wolfaboo who didn't like those reviews. Also, just like airindia, he's also from India(there's a lot of wolfaboos in India it seems). He also, just like airindia like to take screenshots of other users he gets into arguments with. Avoid this indidvual as mush as possible, even though he hasn't been active in a couple of months. Here's what he looks like: https://www.deviantart.com/healthlover/about the picture is in the "about me" section.
  87. Helix60- Also known as Salia Farron. He is some random loser who spends all day jerking off to NSFW poorly animated hentai. He came out of nowhere when he started going around DeviantArt constantly harassing users for the sake of doing so. There is one anonymous user he continues to harass and he has gone as far as searching for him on YouTube. He is determined to get attention and make friends but the only people who give him the time of day are these Indian wolfaboos who are just as sensitive and trigger-easy as him. He likes calling people the WORST THREATS simply for arguing with him.
  88. HinaUchi - A scammer.
  89. Iansit - a pervert who wants people to draw characters either being molested, or dead and laying in their grave. he scammed shigeru-chan by saying that he broke and don't have money to pay her commission. [9][10]
  90. ilustradorjoaosegura - An art thief who stole other Deviants' artwork and is making money and points off of the stolen material. dA user Microscribbles deactivated her account because of them plagiarizing her artwork.
  91. islandofsodorfilms
  92. IstareTeehee - A creepy user who uploaded an edited image of Eevee from Pokemon to look like a creepypasta and also he watches random users for no reasons. However, it could be a recent creepypasta in DeviantArt. (Need to research before confirming)
  93. I-Take-It-Back - A huge homophobe.
  94. JaminForJewls - An art thief who stole different artworks from other users (especially made by LemonHoneyMaye, rinihimme, qwerhellur, and many other talented artists) and selling them without permission.
  95. jeffy08- A user who Literally spams requests of Inflation & Dog Acting pictures
  96. jhr2010 - A creepy pervert who has a fetish for overweight women defecating. He even uploads stolen screenshots from scat porn videos as the backdrop to his cringeworthy stories. He also gets butthurt if you question his work or criticize it in a negative manner.
  97. jirachie - A pedophile who supports MAP and Forkpart1.
  98. joerobinette - An art thief who recolors and stole bases without crediting to their owners as well as he is apparently dating an 11 year old girl.
  99. Johnbartus2014 - Is a friend of AnthroArtCreations/TheHyenasSBE. Drew disgusting pornographic art at times.
  100. JohnnyATV - Toxic white knight of Stage-Burner.
  101. Jose-Ramiro - Even though he may not be 100% atrocious, he still draws disturbing fetish art and crossover pairing art involving certain fictional characters that may be a turn off for some people.
  102. Juliefan21 - A friend of safetymaskfan123 who has a same behavior as him.
  103. KameradJosef - Posted Xenophobic comments to against the Philippines probably a troll.
  104. Ke-Kaikunane-o-Seer - A pervert who drew child characters completely nude and says he made them 18 years old to do it.
  105. Kinky-Simon, mrsammyguy, max87se and humbert-hamilton - A group of pedophiles that edit fetish art of themselves when they were children, as well as favouriting exploitative photos of real, underaged children, and their watchers and fans are also paedophiles as well.
  106. Kissasheep - She is well known for her massive hatred towards non-binary people to the point where she called them and their supporters subhuman, and she invalidated trans people who haven’t had a sex change yet. She also faked a suicidal episode, which is why she got banned.
  107. Kleiner jay - A White knight of BeeWinter55
  108. Klp2010 - A deviant user who is known for cyberbullying, art theft, and impersonating other users which is similar to Friendlymrguy and RosesStella.
  109. Knoxchii - A toxic bully who sends death threats to people or wish of physical harm or death towards them, mainly targeting furries and generalizing all of them as fetishists or fetish supporters, spreads hurtful rumors about minors.[11]
  110. Kongzillarex619 - A user who vehemetly ships Spider-man and Lucina from Fire Emblem, even does disgusting porn of the two. He is so defensive of this shipping that he attacks anyone who even disagrees with him. He attacks people who don't like his shipping by sending his white-knights after people, most of them are actually him in various sock-puppet accounts. He is very immature and has a nasty mouth that would make even the Angry Video Game Nerd offended.
  111. Kuigi-the-demon - Even though he may not be 100% atrocious, he ships Fox McCloud with Cream the Rabbit in one picture, which is one of the absolute worst crossover ships due to the predator/prey dynamic and massive age gap. He also doesn't draw well and only uses GMod.
  112. kylgrv - Drew a few awful crossover pictures and is a member of the Pooh's Adventures community.
  113. launchpadfarttribute - A Troll.
  114. LauraSelenaAntonia - A female user who stole many vectors from many other users (The Loud House, MLP, The Smurfs, Wander, etc.) without leaving credits to their owners and screenshots of movies and animated series to 90% f her gallery. She speaks a lot in Spanish that in English and she refuses to eliminate all her stolen art every time users ask her to eliminate her stolen things.
  115. legoben2 - immature Five Nights at Freddy's Fan who makes disgusting fan art. He even bashes on Mario and Sonic just because of their fanbases doing cringey stuff but does not hate on Five Nights at Freddy's for the Five Nights at Freddy's Fanbase doing the same thing, Including himself!
  116. LilSillyLily - She is an SJW (not to be mistaken with LittleSunshineLily) who thinks gender is a social construct, and she believes tumblr genders are real genders. She also threatens people with death threats and forces them to agree with her insane ideology or else they are "going to get it". She also harassed MarySue1964, saying her posts are not art and all her SJW friends such as Imtheaura who further abused her in their hateful "WeBringJustice" hate group who attacks innocent people that disagree with their SJW ideology. Imtheaura told her to "get over" her abuse and LittleSillyLily admitted her positivity stamp on her page was for positivity towards her and not towards other people. Shes a narcissistic selfish person and a borderline psychopath. She even went over to other people's pages to harass Mary Sue over her art telling everyone that she was "stealing" “fame” from the original site developers where she builds her content which is some stupid logic but its okay when Lily does it.
  117. Lordcamelot2018 - Another douche friend of Godzilla2000jr and Gojimon452. Warns people about 'bad news' users that accuse them of stealing. Uploads official art only and spams his whole gallery full with it.
  118. LordElthibar/Missouri-Patriot - A hypocritical, far-right and transphobic deviant who gets butthurt over people disagreeing with him and even disrespected the victims of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. He also said how California and Oregon deserve to be hit by a category 4 hurricane all because they're liberal states. He's also been affiliated with white race and religious supermacy and plays the victim card whenever he gets criticized.
  119. loudhouselover2019 - A white knight of Blizzaria123
  120. lopez765 - A crossover shipper who makes fanbabies out of crossover ships. She even made a Sonic x Fuli fanbaby, based one of the worst crossover ships out there.
  121. LovelyDagger - a female deviant who is known for her series of very cringy and gross pornographic artworks involving characters with large breasts. Can you say “SICK”?
  122. LuisEsElHombre-a fan and supporter of PeluchinEntertainment. He also harasses people by telling them he will PM them photos of him abusing and killing his pets.
  123. Luis-from-SP/stendy-an-angel - A man-child who has a shipping obsession with Stan Marsh and Wendy Testaburger from South Park as well as and especially the pairing itself. He has even made porn of them on Pixiv and when playing Phone Destroyer he would throw tantrums and attack other users, even in some cases demanding personal information.
  124. LunaDude1996/SerenaYvonneGabena/ChaosHuddy - An autistic 23 year old manchild who spends 24/7 fapping to Serena from Pokemon and is always willing to defend Serena with all his might, even if it means him being a pedophelic manchild and stalking those who don't even know him. Brainwashes the staff to get users banned.
  125. Lurid Max- a demented pervert who illustrates fetish art of naked woman getting tortured and decapitated.
  126. Madame-Kikue - An artist with a superiority complex who thinks criticism is pointless and of course can't take the slightest bit of it. Will attack users for speaking with her saying "she doesn't care" and "I love this" even if they don't disagree with her.
  127. Madarao123 - A freak with a vore fetish and goes around making silly memes about what happened to this character or that character, then he happens to have a perverted fetish out of the hyenas in The Lion King and Lion Guard series.
  128. MaggieSimpsonFan06 - She has lied about several characters’ genders and has even faked their own deaths, cannot take criticism at all, oftenly mistaking it as bullying, and has several imposter accounts.
  129. MarshmallowMacabre - A white knight of DookatroopaComedian who bashes and denies on other users who called him out of his behavior.
  130. MasterSmooth - A creepy, perverted, and sketchy person who makes Photoshop mishmashes of unsettling, cringeworthy, and perverted things happening to people.
  131. Matrooko11 - An autistic cartoon-obsessed creep who is attracted to underage girls and flips out over people either disagreeing with him or criticizing him. He also takes works of fiction, especially animation, too seriously and literally got depressed over people not liking certain things he did. In late February 2017, he wished death on a user for not liking animation critic PhantomStrider8's videos. He also breaks promises, especially when it comes to art. He closed his account back in late May 2017 and eventually committed suicide.
  132. Matt-from-SP - Makes sexually suggested art of the South Park girls despite them being only 4th graders and has sexually harassed numerous minors via Discord.
  133. MegaSaberXMegaMan (Allison Lopez) - An art thief who recoloring artworks from several artists including Capcom and her OC named Spectate Saber which looks too similar to Zewo-Kun's Gate Canon. Even worst, she is harassing Alma (Who is Knucklesmega on dA) and telling her to commit suicide.
  134. miqkaela08- A female user who traced most of CrazyPlantMae's arts along with other artists works. And also she'll never respond to other people who calling her out of her behavior instead she just like each user's comments.
  135. Mockingjaybases - Tracer, base user and perverted crossover shipper. Is a friend of ex-user Weaselbear. Also gets into drama and does not respect opinions of those who disagree.
  136. mogoot - A user who hate-favorited some of DestinySweetPea's arts.
  137. Mommy-Ankha - A deviant artist who is a beggar, spams people, a delusional moron who thinks he is a queen from Animal Crossing, always wants the same requests and has awful communication skills.
  138. montoya666 - A creepy pedophile and GoAnimate lover who keeps showing his pics to people he watches. He is also a hypocrite who claimed that he's against Tyler Bowie, but he's actually defending him.
  139. Moomnwitch112 - A deactivated user who violating the DA rules by posting NSFW art and toxic fan of Undertale, tracing art.
  140. MrLibantheafrican - A (possibly underage) user who uses other people's OCs without their consent. To add to this, he has a rather horrifying mpreg fetish involving his self-insert (who, according to him, "has a vagina". Keep in mind: he's not yet an adult, and he shouldn't be doing this stuff). He also guilt-trips other people into liking him whenever they call him out, though most of the time, it backfires. One person, YuriHaru567, even blocked him for doing it. Since then, however, he hasn't gone over her blocking him and whines about the incident like a child.
  141. MrWonderWorks
  142. Mryayayify - Ships an OC x Canon ship known as Jack x Lilac.
  143. MyNastyStamps - He was a really big hater on the My Little Pony cartoons and even did a stamp on not giving a crap about animal abuse. He also despised dogs with a passion. Thank god his account got deactivated, other wise, his abusive behavior would’ve been much worse.
  144. nads6969 - A tracer who traces art for 10 years from 45 different artists. blocks people and hides criticism comment when get someone criticize her.
  145. NeatCartoonArtist - An art thief who tells the people he steals from to @#$% off. (NOTE: He is NOT Tyler Bowie!)
  146. NidoPan - Made hate art of another user.
  147. NomisTTForever - A scammer and fraudster who act as a middle man buying art from other artists and passing it off as his own.[12]
  148. TheOCBurglar - A Troll deviant who stole many OCs from other users and claimed as his own. However, his icon and deviant ID are lazy which is just an image of Hamburglar from McDonaldland.
  149. osoolo22 - Another person who obsessively hates things. He even makes a picture of himself committing suicide before abandoning his account. He was underaged.
  150. PetrishaUndertale111 - A user who have had been accused for tracing art, and toxic fan of Undertale. Make fun of suicide.
  151. Pinocchiofan4ever - She may be old news now, but she was a very atrocious deviant who hates autistic people.
  152. PilloTheStar - A rude artist who disrespects dead people such as advertising his shitty work for commissions on a deceased user's profile and refuses to back down when told what he's doing is disrespectful. He even blocks people who criticize him or advertise on his page.
  153. PKM-Guy - An art thief and a bully who absolutely refuses to stop stealing other Deviants' artwork. His motivation for stealing artwork is that he "feels like it".
  154. PlumpieBombshell
  155. ponyloud99 - An art thief and a brony who steal artworks from other deviants and making ships.
  156. possumyote - Another pedophile who supports MAP and Forkpart1.
  157. PrincessElizabeth013 - A 14-year-old girl who just so happens to be one of the most hated people on deviantART. She is a long-term enemy of JINXDROWNED, and she even wrote several journals about how JINX is a whore, and how she steals her artwork, or something like that. In fact, she even came to ED to write an article about her arch-enemy under the username JINXDROWNED-IS-A-WHORE. She recently disabled her dA account for unknown reasons; this is probably due to many people cyberbullying her, and otherwise sending her threatening messages.
  158. Procar - Possible art thief and traitor, and will be added to TBA Pages until further notice.
  159. QuantumnInnovator - A Christian user keep making useless meme about anti-video games, hate violence of movie and game, supporting Christian billboard (Does that reminds you of that crap?!?), and even Menslady125 seem to support her point! Outrightly support rape victims and incest victim shouldn’t abortion!
  160. Rath-Raholand - He is a sicko who draws disturbing yaoi and fetish art, several of his art features characters twerking.
  161. TheRealSubmarineMan - Submarine Man’s official DeviantArt account. He posts feet fetish pictures on his account, mostly planned pictures for his album and/or single covers, and has an unhealthy obsession for it. He also rages at people who give him negative criticism.
  162. TheReedster - A deviant with a fetish of female characters in swimsuits; one-piece or two-piece, even younger ones! Sometimes, this user even posts pictures of characters partially or completely naked.
  163. RetroSpriteResources - A user gained notoriety for his stupid opinions on things such as Christian stuff, vore role play stuff and support Flat Earth.
  164. Riza-Izumi A creator of hate stamps similar to Black-cat16, angered by the mere existence of children, known for being a misandrist and harassing young Deviants.
  165. RobbieTehRotten - A user who makes too much fetish art out of characters like, Steven Universe, and more.
  166. Ronboy793 -
  167. Ryanwlf33 - A furry who had a liking for making fursuits and tinkering with cars. That all ended when he raped his own cat. Yes, we kid you not, And he got sent to jail for it. He is currently incarcerated.
  168. SabLover99 - The creator of the infamous JohnnyTestHaters Group who obsessively hates things.
  169. SacaenSwordMaster - An awful and mean user and according to her journal, she was arrested once.
  170. Sailor-brunette - creates the most bizarre, crappy crack/crossover pairings between every anime known to man but has the nerve to bash yaoi/gay pairings. She also hates anyone who likes yaoi.
  171. Sailor-girl1234 - That person blocks everyone who favorited her artworks.
  172. sans41241
  173. SassySlinky - Emotionally manipulated multiple partners while not being honest about being in multiple relationships, made fake screenshots, and spread rumors and false information in general.
  174. Scarlett-Fireheart26 - Another whiney fool friend of Godzilla2000JR and his gang. Claims existing anime characters as her own original character. Edited the eye color only and calls it her own art. Whines to everyone that she and her friends done nothing wrong. They are to stupid to understand the word stealing and theft. Show her the rules and get blocked instantly. Shows typical thief behaviour and tries people to pity her.
  175. sexygore - A Deviant who stole high quality art from Lunime Games without crediting them as well as some of his work are traced.
  176. shantlyshy - A user who supporting Cristali and blamed jenniferthehuman for tracing. This is not the same as CristaliZafiroToon.
  177. Shasta9696
  178. ShitSnagger - A Deviant user who stole other people's artworks and claiming them as his own. He also created his own group that is similar to The-Peachriots.
  179. shutupyoubitch - a homophobe
  180. Sketch-Shepherd (ShinyWhiteWaters) – A Toxic Land Before Time sequel hater.
  181. Snapesnogger - A deviant from Australia who is very legendary as one of the first deviants to gain notoriety. Known for doing Harry Potter art where she includes hermaphroditic nagas engaged in a variety of fetishes most notably pregnancy with little improvement and variety. If anyone criticizes her style of art, then she'll lash out like hell. Even though she is no longer relevant these days, she still deserves to be immortalized and preserve her legacy so current and future internet generations will come to familiarize her.
  182. SonicTeam765 - Prefers crossover ships over same series ships, such as preferring Sonic with Rainbow Dash instead of being with Amy Rose, for example. Often starts out drama for no reason.
  183. Soraheartsforme - A user who supports weird crossovers and fetishes.
  184. StanPlays/KyleDraws9 - A guilt tripping sex offender who not only hits on anything with a vagina, but also attempts to micro-manage their lives. He consistently plays the victim whenever he is called out and even tried to fake smashing his TV to convince others he had been grounded for his actions.
  185. Starrceline/Starrtoon - Falsely accusing abortion for serious crimes like racism (how exactly aborting a fetus is "discriminating a race?"), genocide and famine, called abortion "Worse than Hitler" (How exactly aborting a fetus is worse than killed 6 million Jews in World War II????). Also abusing the block system to block innocent people for no reason.
  186. SuperDrewBros - A user who sent death threats on IzaStarArtist17 over his request after she denied him that her requests is for friends only.
  187. SwaggieVortex733VA - A drama starter, Makes disturbing NSFW Mr Men art and even supports incest as well as being homophobic and transphobic.
  188. Sweet-corn-flakes - Not only she is a crossover shipper who disrespects opinions, but she's also a rabid Princess Peach hater and is sexually attracted to bishies from various series.
  189. SweetToadette01 (jayjay0607GenX) - Jaelynn Watterson is full of lies (starting with her date of birth and ultimately ending with a terminal illness hoax and fabricating cover-up stories) and is rumored to have been controlled by a male user who managed to make his voice sound feminine on YouTube.
  190. Taylor-from-SP - A white knight for Luis-from-SP who constantly sticks his nose into drama that's none of his business and more often than not makes the situation worse by defending Luis-from-SP to the death even if he's in the wrong.
  191. tdleanordfanatic - A user who attacks and insults anyone who is a Devin fan and even called them retards. For an example, he made a Devin Meme back in July, and he said that Devin needs to die in fire, and even called the fans retards. He also called Paul aka (Magnetic-Lightpulse) Magnetic-ShitPulse due to the fact that Paul's a Devin fan. Not only that, but he also made an anti Paulevin (aka Paul X Devin) stamp, and some people called him out for this, saying that this is absolutely rude and disrespectful, but he simply brushed them off! This behavior is unacceptable it's a good thing his account got deactivated.
  192. ThatWasLeftHanded - A toxic user with an unhealthy obsession with ThunderSnowolf to the point of rumor spreading, even after her account was deactivated. He makes hate stamps against users he doesn't like and spreads rumors about others solely for the purpose of reputation damage. [13][14][15]
  193. Thiccerwaifus - A moron thief that edits official Anime art by adding unnatural big boobs, hips and butts. Has a unhealthy obsession for it. Has hundreds of followers thinking he actually has talent. Shows typical thief behaviour by saying stupid random shit to anyone accusing him.
  194. Timon-Berkowitz - Sicko who drew disgusting art of Timon in a bikini.
  195. Tommypezmaster - A pedophile who draws art that are, in fact, made in MS Paint. He even ships incest. And he have youtube channel to become like Mr-Enter. However, he can’t handle any criticism.
  196. Tora Black (Known as ganja-smoke and ganja--good) - A user who is infamous to advertise on the pages of someone forcing them to comment on one of their videos in order to get attention.
  197. Tornadoweirdo
  198. TrippySkipp01 - An art thief who stealing art from TheBlankNBri and telling Bri to leave DeviantArt for no reason. Also the worst thing that he or she even made a hate art of Bri.
  199. twisted-images - This user maybe old news, but his or her gallery was still awful.
  200. UttaFilth - An over dramatic and edgy stalker who stalked Mickey892 and his friends. He also draws art of men being gross.
  201. UndertaleGandalf - toxic white knight of both UttaFilth and Tyler Bowie who attacked both Mickey892 and Felixthecatfan198 for no reasons after they calling them out for their behavior.
  202. vanellope88888 - A strange user who posts non-sense comments into someone's profile as well as she tells everyone to unblock her.[16]
  203. Vanossfan28 - A Sentai purist
  204. VeryMetal (Pentagrin) - Lied about Spoctor being a pedophile out of spite to bring him down, threw other users such as Stories and AtariCynical under the bus so they would take the blame.
  205. Waffle-With-Big-Arms - He always requests Total Drama pairings that consist a teenager with an adult, or requesting pictures consisting a man wearing bikinis, etc. He is also biased towards Gwen and against Courtney and Duncan.
  206. WalterWrider- a minor pedophile trying to relive his days as a 5 year old who has a hatred for Ginormica. He also has a cringy foot fetish and constantly asked for requests where people step on him. He has been known to block and have a hissy fit towards people who refuse to rap with him and who criticize his OC that looks like a kindergartner. On his list of characters he roleplayed with characters such as Kion (from the lion guard), Dora and countless children's character were on the list and he said at the bottom of the list that he did sex in notes. When someone called him out for this he quickly deleted all evidence he was a pedo by getting rid of every journal that had a kid or even teenage character in it
  207. Weaselbear - This deactivated user was among one of the worst users on the site, has a horrible temper and ships crossover pairings, makes fanbabies of said crossover pairings, is also disrespectful to others' opinions.
  208. WickidlyCUNT13 - A user who harassed and impersonated LapisLazuliIsACutie. He used trextrex65's art of her and used it as their ID.
  209. TheWizardofOzzy - Sick creep. He calls any female user he's friendly to, his "girlfriend".
  210. WonderWandaRonin - A user who is known for bullying every users in the HTF Community as well as she caused HuiHuiTheAngelTiger's deactivation.
  211. World-Hero21 - A theophobe
  212. XfloooX - A Deviant user who tries to make LoudandProudfangirl committed Suicide just after she got her heart broken
  213. YakkoWarnerMovie101 - A manchild user who drew underage characters pregnant and with big breasts. Creator of the Pooh’s Adventure videos on YouTube and never gave criticism by many user. Allied with Reese Ambler.
  214. YalociYena - Trace artist who traces over official art. He is also a friend of the atrocious user, TheHyenasSBE/AnthroArtCreations.
  215. YoshiAndCody - This guy is a rabid Cody fan, and if someone doesn't like Cody he writes something like "Fuck you" and then later hides it to make him look all innocent, he also disrespects opinions on MLP and sends a video called "Ban all bronies." to any fan he sees. He's also incredibly rude to anyone who likes Duncan and/or Trent. He even went on a huge rant on a Gwent picture on how people hate Cody just because people happen to ship Gwuncan or Gwent. Which is absurd. Not all Gwuncan or Gwent fans hate Cody.
  216. Zaush - Despite being one of the most popular people in the furry fandom, he is actually a scumbag who draws porn, so don't be fooled. He has also done many bad things in real life as well.
  217. zeroprime000- A User who makes a series of Bionicle Fanfictions/Crossovers that make no sense.
  218. Zesanacktor - A user who harasses Gir1010 labeled him as anti-american on Metal Slug sprite gallery without telling that Gir1010 was an artist. He never understand about the real life and also he accidentally slander Gir1010.[17]

Wanted by the dA-Police-Force

  1. amberex - A deviant who follows young, underage girls and asks them to model nude for them. They made several complaints from scared users that amberex has approached asking for modeling/nude shots from profiles of young girls.
  2. AquaRock720 - A user who sending threats of rape to another user, stalking and threatening their friend while begging for forgiveness while still calling them demeaning names. Proof of evidence.[18]
  3. DagothJeff - A pedophile deviant who sexually harass women and under aged girls and constantly brags about it, even going as far as to bring his children into it.
  4. Drako1997
  5. kidnapher6
  6. noxxut - A deviant who draws highly inappropriate images of children in poses, highly revealing clothing and focusing high detail on their genitalia.
  7. rzkf30 - A deviant who contacted several young girls through Skype and have blackmailed them into sexual favors and to be kept quiet, this is a highly dangerous user that is being investigated by the actual FBI and Police.
  8. SolanumLycopersicum - Was fined for sexually harassing a minor on DeviantArt and stalking and stealing from a user he used to be friends with. Created over 1000 accounts to harass people, has been dormant since he was fined.
  9. Solgineer - A deviant who created porn and rape art on DeviantArt and will not remove it. He is harassing a dA-Police-Force officer over the dispute.

Fanbases and Groups

  1. SJW's - People who acting like Socialists, forcing gender and identity politics like gender being a social construct and autism being a gender, always complaining and ruins everything (for example Bleedman's haters).
  2. Nostalgiatards- Idiotic manchild Cartoon fans who think that '90s or 2000s Cartoon series is better than the 2010s/modern series (for example: BeeWinter55)
  3. Any toxic deviant who not only ships crossover pairings, but also makes fanbabies of them.
  4. Any deviants who stole Kisekae export codes without crediting to their respective owners (for example: KisekaeArtist).
  5. Toxic Users in DeviantArt - Any people who throw toxic drama on other dA users. (for example: Tyler Bowie)
  6. Weeaboos/Weebs - People who are obsessed with Japanese culture, especially anime, often regarding it as superior to all other cultures.
  7. Any Islamophobic / Christophobic / Hinduphobic / Antisemitic, etc. deviants. (for example: Nayzak, Zionist-4-Ever.)
  8. Pro-pedophile groups like NOMAP-da.
  9. Any deviant that is a member of theHyenasSBE-Group.
  10. Any deviants who are wanted by the dA-Police-Force. (for examples: HotelBlue and Solgineer)
  11. Any deviants who imprisoned for their crimes in reality. (for example: Paulamy)
  12. HTFSocial's "Regular" users (aka HTFSocial Regs).
  13. AntiSonicEnterprises
  14. Anti-MLP-FiM a very toxic MLP hate group.
  15. The-Daisyriots - A group that claimed to be against The-Peachriots, but later it appears to be a troll group that is a rival against them. It was founded by a user named CandyPeachFangirl21 who claims to be hacked by PIGEON-POT-PIE until some other users that CandyPeachFangirl is a troll herself. However, the group was taken over by NuggetTheBalloonGirl.
  16. Any vore groups (Example: We-Love-Vore)


  1. Austine School incident - Incident that involves a female school supervisor who allegedly locked her in a room and then tried to choke her to death by Timothy Carroll who is known as Tim Legion.
  2. The Dongforce hijack - In November 2012, a group of hackers that were known for posting dick pictures, called Dongforce, exploited an XSS vulnerability in DeviantArt, which resulting more than 2400 DeviantArt accounts compromised.
  3. Bandettos and Friendlymrguy Alt Confusion
  4. Deactivation of Mushy-Sugar-Chan
  5. The Anicecupofoldmilk and Nugget Incident
  6. The Yoshifan1219 and M1ssRa1nB0w Drama
  7. PIGEON-POT-PIE Art Trace Scandal and Conflict with Bandettos
  8. The Spamming NSFW art incident on Vabessa2006
  9. SJW's Bully Steven Universe Artist (Old news)
  10. The AutistCultist’s spammers on 8teamfriends8
  11. fat-labrador's Suicide Hoax and Scam.[19]
  12. The Fartstuck-Backed Ban of Bandettos and Bandettos Mental Health issues
  13. The False Banning of AudiomachineForLife
  14. HTFSocial regs and Gtjerwp's harassment on Masonicon

Death-related Events

  1. Death of AngelXMikey (Michael McBride)
  2. Suicide of Jerimin19 (Jerimin Dilao)
  3. Death of FridgePoetProject
  4. Death of Ruz18
  5. Death of Hydro211
  6. Death of TheAngelicBliss - She and her entire family has been killed in 2017, by her dad.
  7. Possible Suicide of Rainbow-Kel - Her account is inactive just 1 week after joining DeviantArt after being cyberbullied by Sierra Garske. There's no information if she killed herself or just going on a therapy.
  8. Death of Leonidafremov (Leonid Afremov)
  9. Suicide of LaserPrincess (Leelah Alcorn)


  1. The announcement of DeviantArt Eclipse.
  2. Commission Scams
  3. Copyright infringement
  4. DeviantArt Staff Brainwashing - DeviantArt Staff supporting a toxic Deviant like 707Fangirl, WubbaWankStain69 or HeavyEliasP in order to ban or suspend innocent deviants.
  5. False Rants - Making Rant Journals of any DeviantArt users that contains false and defamatory information.
  6. False Reporting
  7. Incest Ships - Shipping fictional characters that are related and aren't husband/wife.
  8. Plagiarism
  9. Request Spamming - A type of action to tell other deviants to draw his/her OCs without asking as well as not paying attention to their profile rules. Notable users who do this kind of action are Tyler Bowie, ZacharyKnox222, and franci07.
  10. Suicide Comments - A type of action to tell other deviants to commit suicide which is NOT a Joke.
  11. Witch Hunting - A type of action that is used to stalk and harass any users in a serious way.

Deviants that are also in Talented Deviants Wiki

Only former atrocious deviants who redeemed themselves will being added in Talented Deviants Wiki.

  1. AudiomachineForLife
  2. Godzilla20025
  3. MarcosPower1996

Deviants that cannot be added here / Forbidden Pages

Only deviants who are talented and innocent in this section which includes those who are harassed, bullied and being involved in any type of drama as well as deviants who are courteous and friendly to others. This is NOT including any random deviants who are just controversial.

  1. Adultlessandfriends
  2. Animedeaf
  3. Ank57
  4. ARandomguy235
  5. ArthurEngine
  6. XXXTheAnswerXXX - It's just a meme account that was made by Zulu-Exa.
  7. AshleyAnimator2000
  8. Bandettos (Formerly known as FETUS-GRIFFIN) - A Deviant who is known for Leading the Revolution against Friendlymrguy and his Sockpuppets. He is a founder of Calhoun-Republic.
  9. BECEnterprises - A Sonic fan and a sprinter who is also a victim of Payton009.
  10. BendyPuffs
  11. BGFox2 - This Autistic Source Filmmaker (SFM) artist is a pacifist. She also makes digital 2D drawings.
  12. BlackToad97- despite who added him on the atrocious list said, Toad97 has never spammed or harassed someone just for criticizing or disagreeing with him because he accepts all feedback and advice. However, he does spam pedophiles, pedophile defenders and users who attempt to mess with him such as Channeleven who targeted him for no reason and refused to leave him alone when Toad noted him maturely asking why he was bothering him. Channeleven told Toad to ignore him and then blocked him and continued to trash talk him so Toad97 spammed him in retaliation and continues to do so to this day.
  13. Bleedman - Excuse me?!
  14. bluepawz/blueharuka - She may be questionable at times but she's still a good artist. She does not deserve an article, here.
  15. BobClampettFan164 - He’s actually a very nice person and can respect most people’s opinions on stuff, his art is also pretty decent as well.
  16. Boschian-Fantasies
  17. xXBri-the-DemonXx
  18. Brony4459
  19. Captain-Grumpy
  20. ClaireAimee - A deviant who is being harassed by Tyler Bowie.
  21. CreepyBloodySpook - An autistic deactivated Deviant who broke up with Sierra Garske upon realizing Sierra's true colours. Please do not bother her about Sierra Garske.
  22. Cristali - A Lithuanian Deviant who is being mistaken with CristaliZafiroToon. She is protected by CristaliAndStalin.
  23. CrystalGamerStar
  24. CrystalSagaArts
  25. Cutiesaurs - A Deviant who interacts with other Deviants, only to end up annoying them and he gets himself blocked by them for it. He means no harm, though.
  26. DaBair
  27. Darkfairy1999
  28. DellGotTheMunchies
  29. DestinyNazario - A Deviant who was harassed by Tyler Bowie and RosesStella.
  30. xxDeviantCringexx - A YouTuber and Deviant who reviews cartoon shows and any users who cause trouble to the site such as art thieves, trolls, etc.
  31. DonOgeIsHere
  32. Duckyworth
  33. earthboundfan88 - a troll/joke account created by GreenMemeDreamer. It was meant to be silly and humorous, not malicious.
  34. EnyaElizart - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  35. EsmeAmelia
  36. Evuie (Formerly known as InternetWaifu)
  37. Fantheman-Rebooted - A user who often makes memes, but he may not be on Atrocious Deviants Wiki nor Talented Deviants Wiki because he sometimes makes fetish art.
  38. finlaythetinytoonfan
  39. Fireice64
  40. FriendlyGirl2018
  41. GreenMemeDreamer (Formerly GreenMemeFever) - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  42. Guiltytuff
  43. Haileykittydoesart - A deviant who is being harassed by Friendlymrguy and AntiRex3000.
  44. Haze-Toons
  45. xxHeavyswagxx
  46. Inez Thomas - Overhated Continuously and a Nice Deviant.
  47. J-Cat - Despite drawing like a little child and having a fetish; She writes good reviews on lesser-known movies/shows/books and is somewhat kind to others, so she does not deserve to have an article here.
  48. JAH99
  49. JaviSuzumiya - Although he makes a lot of NSFW arts which can be quite cringey at times, he's genuinely a nice person and also a victim of other toxic users like WubbaWankStain69, IncestLove124, PablotheCailloufan24 and Payton009, so he doesn't deserve an article here.
  50. JeagerEX - An Autistic Deviant who publishes his own SFW OCs, but he doesn't want his OCs to be sexualized and anything inappropriate since one of his OCs has been sexually abused by Stuprum and DaddyHitlr as well as one of the users who has been harassed by Friendlymrguy and Tyler Bowie. He eventually left the Friendlymrguy hatebase and doesn't want to involve in any type of drama as well as he is now focusing on his works and other important stuff, so he does not deserve to have an article here.
  51. Jerimin19
  52. JekyllAndHydeChannel - Might’ve been very flawed at first, but he later redeemed himself and he did apologize to the people he harassed for his actions.
  53. JJSponge120
  54. Jordan2048 (Formerly Beanojordan1) - A decent user who makes Mega Man fanart. However, his older art is probably worse.
  55. Jrapp494 - status pending
  56. JuacoProductionsArts - While he did make inflation art, he is aware of the fact that some may not like it, so he decided to post it at DeviantArt way less often. Regularly, he makes art that is related to cartoons and video games (He also makes cartoony Transformation art occasionally.).
  57. KapooyDeWaffleMaster
  58. KashimusPrime - Hate her all you want, but you can't deny the fact that she is good at following the site's rules, informs the rules to others and is a talented artist. She doesn't deserve a page, here.
  59. KatWhite33
  60. KawaiiSugarSweets - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  61. KokoTala
  62. Krool2Kool - Not even a bad user to begin with.
  63. LapizLazuliIsACutie (Formerly WickidlyStrange13/AllThatGlitterz125) - A Deviant who makes good art and drawings. She was harassed several times by StrongBad65.
  64. Lbely - A deviant who is being harassed by PokeGirlRULES and JackJackassson.
  65. Leonidafremov
  66. Lengieal
  67. LocalGeekPride000 - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  68. xLunarSurgex
  69. Masonicon
  70. M1ssTemmie - Not Ciel Clarkson, but a joke account created by Zulu-Exa.
  71. Mangolianblossom
  72. xXMarioLF - HeroXx/MarioLightFire Hero
  73. Matthew250
  74. Mast3r-Rainb0w - Not to be confused with M1ssRa1nb0w. His art is much better and he is much more pleasant.
  75. Mebrouk - A deviant who used to be a homophobe and niche audience shows hater, but has now redeemed, acting mature, and now even against homophobia. Also against other extremely toxic users like WubbaWankStain69 and PablotheCailloufan24.
  76. MexicanDrawingBoi
  77. Mickey892 - A User who called out numerous scumbags in dA such as Tyler Bowie and UttaFilth.
  78. MickeyFan666 - Not Tyler Bowie, but a joke account created by Mangolianblossom.
  79. MiitopianOliveDA
  80. MikoChatta - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  81. MrEnter - A deviant who's a bit of a nostalgiatard, but he was a victim of cyberstalking and bullying. He also raises plenty of good criticisms, so he does not deserve to have an article here.
  82. Mroyer782 - A Deviant who made many blank memes for fun, as well as his other art, are entertaining. His blank meme that opposes Bart-Toons is harmless, not as a hate art because he strongly dislikes Bart-Toons due to his xenophobia and racism towards Japan.
  83. Mushy-Sugar-Chan - A deviant who deactivated her account after being harassed by Snivyshylover and Trisha611. Also having stomach cancer in real life, hope she gets well soon :(
  84. Mx-nt (Formerly Luna-Raeh/Cookie-Dough-Is-Good)
  85. Napasitart - A Deviant who makes good art, but he is against N Brio Da Zuera.
  86. Nawnii
  87. Nemoleegreen343
  88. Neppedupplayer
  89. TheNewBGGAMING - Already exist in Atrocious YouTubers Wiki.
  90. NitrusBrio68
  91. Noelia-Mii-Gunner
  92. NoreenCreatesStuff - Although she publishes entertaining art, she became too obsessed with PJ Masks and became toxic because she wants Catboy to keep with her OC and hates Owlette and she does not like the ship of Catboy x Owlette.
  93. NycollasCoser - A Deviant who made good stuff and a fan of every Olympic Mascots and other furry related things.
  94. TheOperations
  95. ParallaxTheDarkOne - He already "apologized" to RedeKamafa, but the apology was fake and he blocked her again 11 days later over the drama that had nothing to do with him. Later he unblocked her.
  96. Popzikles - A good user who is often mistaken as a bad one as he can be quite bad-tempered and aggressive at times. But he is actually a very nice and friendly person once you get to know him. He is an admin of the wiki, similarly to JeagerEX. He used to be the leader in the war against Payton009, but later handed over the role to BECEnterprises whom he felt was more suitable for the job.
  97. PrinceSpikeRoseredII (Formerly SneakyLizard/TheDeadlyRosered/TheSweetRosePrince) - A user who suffers from PTSD and made some good reviews.
  98. Princess-Josie-Riki - Not a bad deviant despite making Vyond esque timeout journels on shows and characters she doesn't like.
  99. purpledragon267 - A Deviant who is against pedophiles, zoophiles, necrophiles, incest supporters and SJWs. Also got wrongfully deactivated by Deviantart staff for exposing pedophiles like Catcoon1017 who wanted to legalize, normalize and encourage child rape.
  100. Rainbow-Kel - A Deviant who was harassed by Sierra Garske.
  101. Ramenn00dl3s - A Deviant who warns people about Sierra Garske's true colours.
  102. Raya100 - A Deviant with decent bondage fetishes who became a victim of ZacharyKnox222's spamming requests.
  103. RandomPerson1146 - A Deviant who makes fictional channels and TV logos towards to his fellow watchers. Since he's a part of the logo/ident community, he does not deserve to have an article here.
  104. RedeKamafa
  105. RedeRupert - Like RandomPerson1146, he made good fictional channels and TV logos towards to his fellow watchers. Since he's a part of the logo/ident community, he does not deserve to have an article here.
  106. Regulas314 - While he's a spastic diaper lover with a massive hate boner for Mr. Enter and makes a big deal over literally everything and attacked users for disagreeing with him. In 2019, he became a better person by putting his aggressive behavior behind him in the past. A page on Regulas314 was made but removed after some controversy.
  107. SapphireLover4Ever - A deactivated user who is against Tyler Bowie and gained control over one of Tyler Bowie's previous accounts which were VideoGamesCartoon (before it got deactivated)
  108. ScooterKittyBoy
  109. shadowkyurem15
  110. Silent-Sid
  111. SirClrwaterMK2 (Formerly AntiSavinoMovement) - Since the allegations against Chris Savino in November of 2017, he was a rabid Loud House and Chris Savino hater who disliked his work on the last two seasons of both Dexter's Lab and the Powerpuff Girls and wanted people involved with The Loud House to GET EBOLA. Lately, however, he apologized for his actions and has forgiven Chris Savino and his work, and while he makes some fetish art and acts like a child in some arguments, he also makes some fun art.
  112. Sithvampiremaster27 - A Hungarian Deviant who has a fart, big butt, and weight gain fetish for female characters, but he's not really toxic enough to deserve an article on this wiki. He is also pretty nice and has some justified opinions to be honest.
  113. someguy12i3 - A Deviant who used to be a troll and quite immature until he learned his lesson, so he does not deserve to have an article here.
  114. SonichuChrisChan - Known as Christian Weston Chandler/Christine Weston Chandler - A man or transwoman who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. He already has a page on Terrible TV Shows Wiki.
  115. SpiralHope55
  116. StarRion20 - Controversial reasoning
  117. SunriseAzzurra2004 (Formerly MCSMSonicNinjagoFan)
  118. SuperSmashChey (Formerly Cheysmisadventures) - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  119. TheSweetRosePrincess (Formerly PinkGemPrincess and KittyGemAmazon23) - An Autistic Deviant who was a former toxic Dora hater until she changed her behavior in November 2018 as well as she no longer supporting any toxic deviants like PokeGirlRULES and Tyler Bowie and harassed by Friendlymrguy and AntiRex3000. She is a now a huge fan of DC comics who made decent journal skins and other arts that looks entertaining to her fellow friends. However, she doesn't like any drama because of her haters as well as she wants to focus more on her other things like school work. Also, she doesn't ship Batman and Wonder Woman, but she respects opinions because it's overrated and makes her feel uncomfortable. However, she was impersonated 20 times by Friendlymrguy and his alts. She is also against other toxic users like Tyler Bowie, TimLegionFederationa and Friendlymrguy, so she does not deserve to have an article here.
  120. TerminatorJackKnife - A Deviant with a drowning fetish who blocked Cutiesaurs for pestering him, and has an alternate account to prevent others from discovering his fetish.
  121. Theresnoname2004 - The founder and bureaucrat of both Atrocious and Talented Deviants wiki.
  122. TractorTom2003 - He's just a user who fed up against other toxic and immature users like Luigipro47, AutisticArtist97 and Tyler Bowie.
  123. TrainsAndCartoons
  124. True-LaaLaa-Fan - He is just a harmless user who makes funny humors against any immature and toxic users like Jamesgang100 and Friendlymrguy.
  125. TwoToneDearly -- A toxic and childish fan of the 90s series 101 Dalmatians who thinks she is the character Two-tone from said series. She ships "herself" (aka Two-tone) with Lucky, her own brother, siting one episode of the series as the reason for said pairing. In the past, she has attacked other people, written hate fiction and posted comments whining all over other peoples' pages who dare to ship Two-tone with anyone but Lucky. Also twists Two-tone completely out of character to suit her own babyfur/diaper fetish, claiming her rewritten personality as "canon". She also has a tendency to comment on other peoples' pages rping and acting as if she is, indeed, Two-tone, a fictional character from a fictional animated series. Also, according to her Buster from Lady and the Tramp II is a pedophilic rapist.
  126. UltimateChris
  127. UnTrustaMann - A former troll deviant user who became matured after he apologized to his fellow users he trolled and harassed since he was mistaken for a fake user that Friendlymrguy made who is also as a member of the group called The-Peachtriots, but he is not one of these fake users. However, it is revealed that the reason why he joined The-Peachtriots because he wants to keep an eye on Friendlymrguy's actions.
  128. Vivzmind/Vivziepop/Vivienne Medrano - The creator of Hazbin Hotel, Timber and Zoophobia who was involved in some internet drama from 2014/2015, but she is mostly innocent and has apologized countless times for doing a few bad things many years ago so she doesn't deserve a page here.
  129. Vabessa2009 - She is an innocent user who is a victim of MasterOfJewish and LuigiPro47.
  130. Vividan
  131. Walffle4Walfas
  132. WankieWubbie9999 - Not WubbaWankStain69, but it's a joke account that made by Zulu-Exa.
  133. Wheatley-Returns (Formerly N0T-A-M0R0N) - A Deviant who warns people about Sierra Garske's and Ruben-Guzman's true colours.
  134. wii-little-sunflower (Formerly maddieandmrblik)
  135. YazGalToonFan (Formerly YazFly247, YazFlyChan247, or PinkYazFlyChan) - Despite she supports crossover pairings and accepted Tyler Bowie's request; She do art trades for her friends and wrote good journals as well as she against other toxic users like Friendlymrguy, Tyler Bowie and Tim Legion, so she does not deserve to have an article here.
  136. YessieMaltese
  137. Yoshifan1219
  138. yuettung116 - A Deviant who was harassed by Tim Legion and Jamesgang100.
  139. Zamiiz - Absolutely not approved, since she was extremely harassed to the point she attempted suicide.
  140. Zewo-Kun - A Deviant who made a fanart of Gate from Mega Man X6 with a headcanon that was made by herself as well as she doesn't like her own Gate canon to be sexually harassed or fetishized.
  141. Zulu-Exa - While he does act a little hostile sometimes and made some hate art out of a Minecraft mob, he is usually passive, makes some very interesting art, and he also is against Tyler Bowie and Ethan Davis and took control of one of Tyler Bowie's accounts, which was XLightOfUrsX (also before it got deactivated). He is also a victim of impersonation as well.

And many more... Because we don't want to clog up this page.


If you're not sure whether a deviant should be in this wiki, add it here.

  1. Wild-Stallions
  2. FuPoo


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