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Welcome to Atrocious Deviants Wiki!

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DeviantART is a website intended to be used as a virtual portfolio, showcasing artwork from thousands of users worldwide. However, it was purchased by Wix and slowly became a social networking site along the lines of Twitter and Facebook, losing much of its value as an artwork sharing website/digital portfolio and became infested with people who would call themselves "anti-SJW". A portion of the user base is either people with mental disabilities, or people who think DA is a viable alternative to Facebook. This isn't a majority of the users that use DeviantArt, but is a very vocal portion of the users. It's been shown that the users who are problematic tend to stay away from the real artists for the most part, aware that if they tried to bother an artist with any kind of following they'd get figuratively burned alive by that artist's following. ADW's purpose is only to showcase the worst of the worst.


Atrocious Deviants Wiki opened on July 2018 on FANDOM/Wikia and was founded by Inky100. The wiki is inspired by Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. At that time it had very low quality pages as it had poor groundwork for a good wiki and had poor rule enforcement. After the PKMNLivesNews incident, the reception wikis were closed down one by one. Atrocious Deviants Wiki was one of them, it was closed down in November 21, 2018.
7 days after it was closed down, Theresnoname, who previously contributed to the wiki anonymously, reopened the wiki privately. The wiki increased in quality but was still lackluster, however an injection of experienced wiki editors such as Idl3Tinkr, Popzikles, TheChisatoFan and BigClaudia helped make the wiki what it is today and vastly improved it.

Later in early 2020, drama would unfold and the wiki would again be under new management. Under joint ownership, Motoko and other admins aim to clean up the wiki, instead of allowing it to be used solely for attack articles and the spreading of false information it can be used as a showcase of bad behavior so that others may not fall victim to some of these problematic users.

Sorry, no polls currently at moment.

Basic Rules

  1. Like in Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, only put deviants that are notable for negative reception or are notorious for obnoxious behavior, even if their art is good.
  2. Always add the profile pictures of a deviant (if they have one).
  3. Do NOT add false and defamatory information to the pages!
  4. Just like a YouTuber getting terminated or deleting its channel, a Deviant who get banned or deactivating his account is not a redeeming quality.
  5. Please check for the Forbidden Pages subcategory. There, you can check whether a deviant cannot be on this wiki.
  6. The pointers on the page must have at least five reasons for "Why He / She's Atrocious" and must be detailed. If the requirement is not met, it will be considered "unfinished" and will either get deleted or moved to the original publisher's sandbox.
  7. Furthermore, they must be supported with external links and screenshots, or the page will be deemed invalid.
  8. Just because a deviant does fetish art doesn't mean they deserve a page, they must be atrocious in other ways (eg. Harassing others, making hate art, being toxic) to earn pages.
  9. You are allowed to put your own reviews on Deviants if you like.
  10. When editing, always use the source mode instead of the visual mode. This is to prevent the comments section from being broken.
  11. Strong language is allowed on the wiki pages as long as you don't overuse them.
  12. You may replace the "Why He / She's Atrocious" header with a custom header as it’s fitting for the article.
  13. No kink-shaming!
  14. Please make your own page!.
  15. Do not harass the deviant listed on this wiki! It only makes it worse.
  16. Do not show and tell the deviant about having their pages on this wiki even if they are fully redeemed themselves.
  17. Do not add a "Worst People Status" on each pages unless if the Deviant is very insane.
  18. Respect the admins.
  19. Far-left, SJW, Alt-Righter and far-right ideologies are not tolerated in this wiki as we remain strictly centrist and politically neutral (similarly to Wikipedia) and against all forms of harmful racism and discrimination.
  20. However, we remain explicitly Anti-Pedophilia, Anti-Incest and Anti-Zoophilia.
  21. No NSFW or fetish content.
  22. If you want to create a good page, please refer to the Sample Page to ensure articles of the highest quality.
  23. If you don't know how to make templates, use the Deviants Infobox. For using Type and Score section on the infobox, please read this topic.
  24. Do not recreate pages that have already been deleted without asking an admin first.
  25. Deviants that use or are a part of the GoAnimate/Vyond community are not allowed articles of any sort any attempt to create an article will be blocked for one month.
  26. Deviants that are a part of any personal drama and controversial reasons are not allowed articles of any sort. Anyone who attempts to create an article about one of these users will be blocked for one month. Just because you had a feud with someone doesn't mean they deserve a page unless they did terrible things to others as well.
  27. Doxxing of users on the wiki or deviants are prohibited by the head moderators of Miraheze. Anyone who reveals a deviant or user's, address, real name, IP address, phone number, or IRL photo will be permanently banned from the wiki.
    • However, showing the deviant's IRL photo and real name is allowed if they did a face/name reveal and kept the name/face reveal on.
    • But still, revealing phone numbers, addresses, IP addresses and phone numbers are disallowed NO MATTER WHAT.


  • First time: you're given a warning.
  • Second time: you're blocked for 3 days.
  • Third time: you're blocked for 10 days.
  • Fourth time: you're blocked for 1 month.
  • Fifth time: you're blocked for 1 year.
  • Sixth time: you're kicked from this wiki.
Have fun, and remember, follow these rules!

Forbidden Pages

Only deviants who are talented and innocent in this section which includes those who are harassed, bullied and being involved in any type of drama as well as deviants who are courteous and friendly to others. This is NOT just including any random deviants who are just controversial.

  1. Any deviant (unless they fit the requirements of an atrocious deviant) who not only ships crossover pairings, but also makes fan babies of them in general as it could cause drama and may clog up the wiki

Individual Deviants

  1. 6twister4
  2. 1997DeviantIvan - No way in hell does he need an article out of him. He's against SquadHater2002's recent actions, and for good reason. Also against WubbaWankStain69.
  3. Adultlessandfriends
  4. Alkanet
  5. AlKend93
  6. AngryBeavers1997 - Same as DoraeartDreams-Aspy.
  7. Andrasfu1027
  8. Ank57
  9. Anthro-animals-rule
  10. AnthroArtCreations and his supporters - Despite accidentally killing his brother and making Rule 34 art, he is from now on forbidden from this wiki due to the controversy with Zenko's drama. Also Zenko made this page just because she hates him. In other words, high treason, and just simply a deviant who had a terrible life. It’s basically natural to have interest in fetishes. As for his supporters, they're not atrocious.
  11. ARandomguy235
  12. ArthurEngine
  13. XXXTheAnswerXXX - It's just a meme account that was made by Zulu-Exa.
  14. AshleyAnimeCandy2000
  15. AutisticArtist64 - Not Danny Mason, but it's another talented user who is known for creating her own series known as The World of Chi.
  16. Bandettos (Formerly known as FETUS-GRIFFIN) - A Deviant who is known for Leading the Revolution against Friendlymrguy and his Sockpuppets. He is a founder of Calhoun-Republic.
  17. BECEnterprises - A Sonic fan and a sprinter who is also a victim of Payton009.
  18. BendyPuffs - Controversial Deviant.
  19. BGFox2 - This Autistic Source Filmmaker (SFM) artist is a pacifist. She also makes digital 2D drawings.
  20. BGinks
  21. BigClaudia - Supervisor and Admin of ADW and TDW
  22. BlackToad97- despite who added him on the atrocious list said, Toad97 has never spammed or harassed someone just for criticizing or disagreeing with him because he accepts all feedback and advice. However, he does spam pedophiles, pedophile defenders and users who attempt to mess with him such as Channeleven who targeted him for no reason and refused to leave him alone when Toad noted him maturely asking why he was bothering him. Channeleven told Toad to ignore him and then blocked him and continued to trash talk him so Toad97 spammed him in retaliation and continues to do so to this day.
  23. bluepawz/blueharuka - She may be questionable at times but she's still a good artist. She does not deserve an article, here.
  24. BNSF1995 - One of the Deviants who was threatened and harassed by SquadHater2002.
  25. BobClampettFan164 - He’s actually a very nice person and can respect most people’s opinions on stuff, his art is also pretty decent as well.
  26. TheBoogie / NotBoogie - Way too NSFW.
  27. Boschian-Fantasies
  28. xXBri-the-DemonXx
  29. Brony4459
  30. Captain-Grumpy
  31. Channeleven - Might cause controversy, since Channeleven is a pretty biased person. He already has a page on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki.
  32. characterconsultancy - Used to be on this wiki, but it was removed due to defamation.
  33. ClaireAimee - A deviant who is being harassed by Tyler Bowie.
  34. Clumsy911
  35. Combusto82 - He's just a fills-in meme maker.
  36. CraftytheRaccoonHTF
  37. CreepyBloodySpook - An autistic deactivated Deviant who broke up with Sierra Garske upon realizing Sierra's true colours. Please do not bother her about Sierra Garske.
  38. Cristali - A Lithuanian Deviant who is being mistaken with CristaliZafiroToon. She is protected by CristaliAndStalin.
  39. CrystalGamerStar
  40. CrystalSagaArts
  41. Curtsibling
  42. Cutiesaurs - A Deviant who interacts with other Deviants, only to end up annoying them and he gets himself blocked by them for it. He means no harm, though.
  43. DaBair
  44. damonika2009 - Also known as Damonikalovesauslly on FANDOM, she is one of the many Deviants who was threatened and harassed by a rabid Fairly OddParents fanboy named SquadHater2002.
  45. DanTEHMan2001
  46. DefenderOfTheFlowers (Formerly SneakyLizard/TheDeadlyRosered/TheSweetRosePrince/PrinceSpikeRoseredII) - A user who suffers from PTSD and made some good reviews.
  47. DellGotTheMunchies
  48. xxDeviantCringexx - A YouTuber and Deviant who reviews cartoon shows and any users who cause trouble to the site such as art thieves, trolls, etc.
  49. DonOgeIsHere - Sadly, he got falsely banned and never came back after his ban lifted.
  50. DoraeartDreams-Aspy - She may not be as bad as you think, she is not a toxic fangirl of MLP, she has a lot decent art with other shows like DuckTales, Steven Universe, Angry Beavers, etc. She just didn't want to see any transphotic users, and she's probably nice.
  51. Duckyworth
  52. DurandSmith - His art is pretty great as well as a new founder of TDW.
  53. earthboundfan88 - a troll/joke account created by GreenMemeDreamer. It was meant to be silly and humorous, not malicious.
  54. EnyaElizart - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  55. EsmeAmelia
  56. Evuie (Formerly known as InternetWaifu)
  57. Fantheman-Rebooted - A user who often makes memes, but he may not be on Atrocious Deviants Wiki nor Talented Deviants Wiki because he sometimes makes fetish art.
  58. finlaythetinytoonfan
  59. Fireice64
  60. Flairgripick - A deviant who used to be a hypocritical ableist until changed she changed her behavior as well as she respects the people with autism and admire them. She doesn't deserve to have a page here.
  61. FliptonBoys242
  62. Flutteryby727 - She tragically murdered on her apartment, so making a page on her would be extremely disrespectful and insulting, as making a page on a fellow deceased deviant.
  63. FriendlyGirl2018
  64. FTFTheAdvanceToonist - Used to be on this wiki, but it was removed after controversy, also his art is actually pretty good.
  65. GreenMemeDreamer (Formerly GreenMemeFever) - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  66. Gruntchovski - His hate arts are jokes and not intended to be malicious.
  67. Guiltytuff
  68. HarryTopper - A 8-year-old inactive account who is commonly mistaken with Harry-Topper who is a notorious pedophile, but this person is not him and has zero deviations. Notice the "-" between "Harry" and "Topper".
  69. Haze-Toons
  70. HTFForever2020
  71. Iveechan (iveechan-art) - Good Artist, later went to a different website.
  72. J-Cat - Despite drawing like a little child and having a fetish; She writes good reviews on lesser-known movies/shows/books and is somewhat kind to others, so she does not deserve to have an article here.
  73. JAH99
  74. JaviSuzumiya - Although he makes a lot of NSFW arts which can be quite cringey at times, he's genuinely a nice person and also a victim of other toxic users like WubbaWankStain69, IncestLove124, PablotheCailloufan24 and Payton009, so he doesn't deserve an article here.
  75. JeagerEX - An Autistic and nice Deviant who publishes his own SFW OCs, but he doesn't want his OCs to be sexualized and anything inappropriate. He eventually left every hatebase and doesn't want to involve in any type of drama as well as he is now focusing on his works and other important stuff, so he does not deserve to have an article here.
  76. Jennalt-01angel
  77. Jerimin19 - A talented deviant and YouTuber who is a victim of defamation by Stage-Burner and ILoveSocialism. Making a page about her would be extremely disrespectful and insulting as she has tragically committed suicide.
  78. JekyllAndHydeChannel - Might’ve been very flawed at first, but he later redeemed himself and he did apologize to the people he harassed for his actions.
  79. JJSponge120
  80. JohnnyATV - A user who falsely accused by Audiomachineforlife for supporting Stage-Burner until he later apologized to him.
  81. Jordan2048 (Formerly Beanojordan1) - A decent user who makes Mega Man fanart. However, his older art is probably worse.
  82. Jose-Ramiro - His art isn't that bad.
  83. Jrapp494 - status pending
  84. JuacoProductionsArts - While he did make inflation art, he is aware of the fact that some may not like it, so he decided to post it at DeviantArt way less often. Regularly, he makes art that is related to cartoons and video games (He also makes cartoony Transformation art occasionally.).
  85. k92562/Carnotaurus Productions -
  86. KapooyDeWaffleMaster
  87. KashimusPrime - Hate her all you want, but you can't deny the fact that she is good at following the site's rules, informs the rules to others and is a talented artist. She doesn't deserve a page, here.
  88. Katamariluv
  89. KatWhite33
  90. KawaiiSugarSweets - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  91. Kibo-Chan-DoesArt
  92. KingZanderSanchez-i - One of the Deviants who was threatened and harassed by SquadHater2002.
  93. Krool2Kool - Not even a bad user to begin with.
  94. Lbely - A deviant who is being harassed by PokeGirlRULES and JackJackassson.
  95. LC-Draws
  96. Leonidafremov - He tragically died of cardiac arrest, so making a page on him would be extremely disrespectful and insulting, as making a page on a fellow deceased deviant.
  97. Leoparda-a-la-HTF
  98. Lengieal
  99. LocalGeekPride000 - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  100. LoveBird122 - He doesn't deserve a page, here.
  101. LuciferTheShort
  102. xLunarSurgex
  103. M1ssTemmie - Not Ciel Clarkson, but a joke account created by Zulu-Exa.
  104. Mangolianblossom
  105. xXMarioLF - HeroXx/MarioLightFire Hero
  106. MarkTheTreeKitty1998
  107. Masonicon
  108. Mast3r-Rainb0w - Not to be confused with M1ssRa1nb0w. His art is much better and he is much more pleasant.
  109. Matthew250
  110. Mebrouk - A deviant who used to be a homophobe and niche audience shows hater, but has now redeemed, acting mature, and now even against homophobia. Also against other extremely toxic users like WubbaWankStain69 and PablotheCailloufan24.
  111. Megamansonic - He is a victim of rabid Fairly OddParents fanboy SquadHater2002, and does not need an article here.
  112. MexicanDrawingBoi
  113. Mickey892 - A User who called out numerous scumbags in dA such as Tyler Bowie and UttaFilth.
  114. MickeyFan666 - Not Tyler Bowie, but a joke account created by Mangolianblossom.
  115. MiitopianOliveDA
  116. MikoChatta - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  117. MrEnter - A deviant who's a bit of a nostalgiatard, but he was a victim of cyberstalking and bullying. He also raises plenty of good criticisms, so he does not deserve to have an article here.
  118. Mroyer782 - A Deviant who made many blank memes for fun, as well as his other art, are entertaining. His blank meme that opposes Bart-Toons is harmless, not as a hate art because he strongly dislikes Bart-Toons due to his xenophobia and racism towards Japan.
  119. MuerteVerde27
  120. Mushy-Sugar-Chan - A deviant who falsely banned after being harassed by Snivyshylover and Trisha611. Also having stomach cancer in real life, hope she gets well soon :(
  121. Mx-nt (Formerly Luna-Raeh/Cookie-Dough-Is-Good)
  122. Napasitart - A Deviant who makes good art and against other toxic users like Bloodravens1 and twxaxreal.
  123. NatalieTheAntihero - No way, she is a very talented and nice user and she already has her own page on the sister wiki.
  124. Nawnii
  125. Nemoleegreen343
  126. Neppedupplayer
  127. TheNewBGGAMING - Already exist in Atrocious YouTubers Wiki.
  128. NitrusBrio68
  129. nomnom104
  130. NuggetTheBalloonGirl - Current drama and controversies. Making a page could result in flame wars.
  131. NycollasCoser
  132. Okbutwhytho - Just a user who manipulated by BlueSonicMania and forced her into his girlfriend as well as other people mistaken her as an immature user and white knight.
  133. OperationSubjectOMG
  134. TheOperations
  135. OpposingViews - Most of his stamps don't represent his views and were uploaded as a joke (even though there are some serious stamps)
  136. Paula712
  137. Plaguey-Doctura
  138. Piplupfan124 - He protects his pals and himself and wants to help other deviants in need. He is also a victim of Payton009 and help-me90
  139. Popzikles/real421drew - A good user who is often mistaken as a bad one as he can be quite bad-tempered and aggressive at times. But he is actually a very nice and friendly person once you get to know him. He is an admin of the wiki, similarly to JeagerEX. He used to be the leader in the war against Payton009, but later handed over the role to BECEnterprises whom he felt was more suitable for the job.
  140. Princess-Josie-Riki - Not a bad deviant despite making Vyond esque timeout journels on shows and characters she doesn't like.
  141. Qinni - She tragically died of cancer and heart problems, so making a page on her would be extremely disrespectful and insulting, as making a page on a fellow deceased deviant like Jerimin19 would be.
  142. Rainbow-Kel - A Deviant who was harassed by Sierra Garske.
  143. Ramenn00dl3s - A Deviant who warns people about Sierra Garske's true colours.
  144. Raya100 - A Deviant with decent bondage fetishes who became a victim of ZacharyKnox222's spamming requests.
  145. Regulas314 - While he's a spastic diaper lover with a massive hate boner for Mr. Enter and makes a big deal over literally everything and attacked users for disagreeing with him. In 2019, he became a better person by putting his aggressive behavior behind him in the past. A page on Regulas314 was made but removed after some controversy.
  146. SapphireLover4Ever - A deactivated user who is against Tyler Bowie and gained control over one of Tyler Bowie's previous accounts which were VideoGamesCartoon (before it got deactivated)
  147. Selkina2000
  148. Sgm808 - An actual article of her is forbidden, her article is actually just a joke.
  149. shadowkyurem15
  150. Sithvampiremaster27 - A Hungarian Deviant who has a fart, big butt, and weight gain fetish for female characters, but he's not really toxic enough to deserve an article on this wiki. He is also pretty nice and has some justified opinions to be honest.
  151. someguy12i3 - A Deviant who used to be a troll and quite immature until he learned his lesson, so he does not deserve to have an article here.
  152. SonichuChrisChan - Known as Christian Weston Chandler/Christine Weston Chandler - A man or transwoman who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. He already has a page on Terrible TV Shows Wiki.
  153. SpiralHope55
  154. StarRion20 - Controversial reasoning.
  155. SunriseAzzurra2004 (Formerly MCSMSonicNinjagoFan)
  156. SuperSmashChey (Formerly Cheysmisadventures) - One of the Deviants who was harassed by Jamesgang100.
  157. SweetBPrincessGaming (Formerly PinkGemPrincess and KittyGemAmazon23) - An autistic and nice Deviant who was a former toxic Dora hater until she changed her behavior in November 2018 as well as she no longer supporting any toxic deviants like PokeGirlRULES and Tyler Bowie and harassed by Friendlymrguy and AntiRex3000. She is a now a huge fan of DC comics who made decent journal skins and other arts that looks entertaining to her fellow friends. However, she doesn't like any drama because of her haters as well as she wants to focus more on her other things like schoolwork. Also, she doesn't ship Batman and Wonder Woman, but she respects opinions because it's overrated and makes her feel uncomfortable. However, she was impersonated 20 times by Friendlymrguy and his alts. She is also against other toxic users like Tyler Bowie, TimLegionFederationa and Friendlymrguy, so she does not deserve to have an article here.
  158. T-Series - Controversial reasoning. Also T-Series’s official DA account.
  159. TehLPSRemixer - He is one of the biggest victims of rabid Fairly OddParents fanboy SquadHater2002, and does not need a page here.
  160. TeiRaven
  161. TerminatorJackKnife - A Deviant with a drowning fetish who blocked Cutiesaurs for pestering him, and has an alternate account to prevent others from discovering his fetish.
  162. Theresnoname2004 - The founder and bureaucrat of both Atrocious and Talented Deviants wiki.
  163. ThisIsDeshawnHarvey
  164. Thomassss2000
  165. Toffee-the-Dingo
  166. Toivoshi
  167. TractorTom2003 - Despite of he draw hate arts, he's just a user who fed up against other toxic and immature users like Luigipro47, AutisticArtist97 and Tyler Bowie as well as he warns other users to stay away from them. However, his hate arts are not that bad but I found it really funny but some others took him the way to seriously.
  168. TrainsAndCartoons
  169. True-LaaLaa-Fan - He is just a harmless user who makes funny humor and is against any immature and toxic users like Jamesgang100 and Friendlymrguy.
  170. UltimateChris
  171. UnTrustaMann - A former troll deviant user who became matured after he apologized to his fellow users he trolled and harassed since he was mistaken for a fake user that Friendlymrguy made who is also as a member of the group called The-Peachtriots, but he is not one of these fake users. However, it is revealed that the reason why he joined The-Peachtriots because he wants to keep an eye on Friendlymrguy's actions.
  172. Vabessa2009 - She is an innocent user who is a victim of MasterOfJewish and LuigiPro47.
  173. Vividan - She tragically died in the accident, so making a page on her would be extremely disrespectful and insulting, as making a page on a fellow deceased deviant like Jerimin19 and Qinni would be.
  174. Vivzmind/Vivziepop/Vivienne Medrano - The creator of Hazbin Hotel, Timber and Zoophobia who was involved in some internet drama from 2014/2015, but she is mostly innocent and has apologized countless times for doing a few bad things many years ago so she doesn't deserve a page here. Besides, not only is she a generally good person, but her rabid fanbase would utterly destroy the wiki if someone ever dared make a page about her.
  175. Walffle4Walfas
  176. WankieWubbie9999 - Not WubbaWankStain69, but it's a joke account that made by Zulu-Exa.
  177. Wheatley-Returns (Formerly N0T-A-M0R0N) - A Deviant who warns people about Sierra Garske's and Ruben-Guzman's true colours.
  178. wii-little-sunflower (Formerly maddieandmrblik)
  179. YandareDev - He's just an independent game developer.
  180. YazGalToonFan (Formerly YazFly247, YazFlyChan247, or PinkYazFlyChan) - Despite she supports crossover pairings and accepted Tyler Bowie's request; She do art trades for her friends and wrote good journals as well as she against other toxic users like Friendlymrguy, Tyler Bowie and Tim Legion, so she does not deserve to have an article here.
  181. YessieMaltese
  182. Yoshifan1219
  183. yuettung116 - A Deviant who was harassed by Tim Legion and Jamesgang100.
  184. Zamiiz - Absolutely not approved, since she was extremely harassed to the point that she attempted suicide.
  185. Zewo-Kun - A Deviant who made a fanart of Gate from Mega Man X6 with a headcanon that was made by herself as well as she doesn't like her own Gate canon to be sexually harassed or fetishized.
  186. ZootopiaFan1
  187. Zulu-Exa - While he does act a little hostile sometimes and made some hate art out of a Minecraft mob, he is usually passive, makes some very interesting art, and he also is against Tyler Bowie and Ethan Davis and took control of one of Tyler Bowie's accounts, which was XLightOfUrsX (also before it got deactivated). He is also a victim of impersonation as well.


  1. Crossover Pairing Art - same reason with the people who support crossover pairings and fan baby artists.
  2. Fetish Art - Original page was biased. Also a very touchy subject to even discuss.


Have any questions? Have any requests? Contact the following admins. Each admin specializes in a certain role. For example, if you want to become an admin, give Idl3Tinkr your resume and he will see if you're worthy. If you want to get a page looking nice, sharp and renovated, contact Popzikles.

Retired Admins

These admins are inactive and contacting them is unadvised, as you'll most likely end up screaming into the void.


Written on March 15, 2019 by JeagerEX12

  1. The following pages are banned in this wiki.
    • Any deviants who defending atrocious users like Tyler Bowie and Friendlymrguy unless if it's very immature and extremely atrocious (controversial reasoning)

Written on March 20, 2019 by Theresnoname

  1. Due to mass vandalizing, Anonymous (IP Address) editing has been disabled, If you previously contribute to this wiki anonymously, please makes a Miraheze account, Thank you.

Written on May 8, 2019 by Theresnoname

  1. Because this wiki has only 2 admins, which is me and JeagerEX12, this wiki now promotes anyone who wishes to be an admin. see here for more details.

Written on September 24, 2019 by JeagerEX12

  1. Because I am busy on something important in real life as well as my art stuff, I'll be less active in this wiki. Anyways, I'll check this wiki sometimes but please there's no need to hesitate me. Thank you for understanding.

Written on January 6, 2020 by Idl3Tinkr

  1. As of this date, the TBA pages have been deleted due to potential bias, slander and the fact that the page is much too long for the wiki and that users have not created pages for those deviants in question, anyone attempting to recreate the TBA pages will be banned on site. Also, the scoring system has been removed to prevent bias.

Written on January 18, 2020 by Popzikles

  1. Due to a severe overload of homework I'm experiencing, an extremely busy schedule, CCAs, tuition and me doing constant revision for my final secondary school examinations (me graduating depends on whether my grades are good or not); I would be much more inactive on the wiki though I will still check in everyday. If you have any inquires, I suggest you find me on Discord (My account is Real421Drew#2677) and on the ADW Discord (See front page) where I'm much more active. Furthermore, I would be unable to participate in anymore investigations as I'm extremely worn out after investigating the GalaxyRailways2199 drama, which is by far the most disastrous drama ever experienced by ADW.

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