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Welcome to the Atrocious Deviants Wiki

This Wiki will focus on toxic DeviantArt users, This Wiki was inspired from the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki

These can range from toxic DeviantArt cultures, users, scandals, or other stuff like that.

This wiki is originally founded by Inky100 on Wikia, but it was closed down as of November 21st, 2018. This rebuilded version was founded by Theresnoname.


  1. Like in Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, only put deviants that are notable for negative reception or are notorious for obnoxious behavior, even if their art is good.
  2. Always add the profile pictures of a deviant (if they have one).
  3. Do NOT add false and defamatory information to the pages!
  4. Just like a YouTuber getting terminated or deleting its channel, a Deviant who get banned or deactivating his account is not a redeeming quality.
  5. Please check for TBA Pages, when there's a deviant that cannot be on this wiki.
  6. the pointers on the page must have at least six reasons of "Why He / She's Atrocious" and must be detailed. If not, will be considered "unfinished" and will put the "Candidate for deletion" warning.
  7. Only add fetish deviants if he / she cannot takes criticism, exception if that deviant is a pedophile.
  8. You are allowed to put your own reviews on Deviants if you like.
  9. When editing, always use the source mode instead of the visual mode. This is to prevent the comments section from being broken.
  10. Strong language is allowed on the wiki pages as long as you censor them.
  11. you may replace the "Why He / She's Atrocious" header with a custom header as it’s fitting for the article.
  12. No kinkshaming!
  13. Please Make your own page!.
  14. Do not harass the deviant listed on this wiki! It only makes it worse.
  15. Respect the Admins.
  16. No NSFW or fetish content.
  17. If you don't know how to make templates, use the Deviants Infobox. For using Type and Score section on the infobox, please read this topic.
  18. Do not recreate pages that has already deleted without asking to the admin first.
  19. Deviants that use or are a part of the GoAnimate/Vyond community are not allowed articles of any sort any attempt to create an article will be blocked for one month.
  20. Deviants that are a part of the logo/ident community are not allowed articles of any sort. Anyone who attempts to create an article about one of these users will be blocked for one month.

If you break the rules...

  • First time: you're given a warning.
  • Second time: you're blocked for 3 days.
  • Third time: you're blocked for 10 days.
  • Fourth time: you're blocked for 1 month.
  • Fifth time: you're blocked for 1 year.
  • Sixth time: you're kicked from this wiki.

The following rules will get you kicked out immediately when you do the break the following:

  1. Do NOT tells deviants about their page on this wiki!
  2. No vandalizing.
  3. Do not add pages about any user or admin.

Have fun, and remember, follow these rules!


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Written on March 15, 2019 by JeagerEX12

  1. The following pages are banned in this wiki.
    • Any deviants who defending atrocious users like Tyler Bowie and Friendlymrguy unless if it's very immature and extremely atrocious (controversial reasoning)

Written on March 20, 2019 by Theresnoname

  1. Due to mass vandalizing, Anonymous (IP Address) editing has been disabled, If you previously contribute to this wiki anonymously, please makes a Miraheze account, Thank you.

Written on May 8, 2019 by Theresnoname

  1. Because this wiki has only 2 admins, which is me and JeagerEX12, this wiki now promotes anyone who wishes to be an admin. see here for more details.


Have any questions? Have any requests? Contact the following admins.




Mar9122 Left internet forever because of being a lolcow.




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  2. Erik "Tazman" Mokracek
  3. Dev-Catscratch
  4. The "Skinny Rose" incident



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